About Us

Who is Ross Health Care?

Who is Ross Health Care and What Makes Us Different? 

  • We remember our mission-the provision of superior quality care. 
  • We are committed to treat each employee in the exact manner we want them to treat our patient 
  • We are committed to maintain an informed employee family. 
  • First and foremost-we never forget we are guests in the patient’s home. 
  • We intend to care for every patient in the same way we would take care of our mother. 
  • We use the power of “yes” 
  • We invest in technology and ensure proper management. 
  • Exceed expectations-with our employees, patients and referral

The Ross Health Care Advantage

16 Reasons Why RHC Stands Above The Rest

  1. Low re-hospitalization rate for our patients. 
  2. Increased utilization of inpatient hospice. 
  3. Quarterly medical director meetings 
  4. Diligent compliance with all product lines. 
  5. Staff visits to patients that exceed the national frequency average 
  6. Longer than the average patient visits 
  7. A professional staff with over 300 years combined experience. 
  8. Higher pay rate for medications, prescriptions and over-thecounter items. 
  9. Local, on call pharmacy 
  10. Dedicated registered nurse for the scheduling, nurturing, training and supervision of the home health aide staff. 
  11. Full-time bereavement counselor. 
  12. Low Registered Nurse to patient ratio. 
  13. RHC has never refused service or treatment to a non-funded patient. 
  14. Continuing education for the entire Ross Health Care staff . 
  15. Extensive employee orientation programs. 
  16. Frequent patient evaluation.