Applying for Hospice is simple and the choice is yours.

Medicare grants you the right to choose your own Hospice. We recommend, of course, that you always consult your physician and other valued advisors before making your decision.  To request a free, no-obligation evaluation or to receive more information, please contact our office, 24 hours a day. Anyone can refer a patient to hospice. Hospice will then contact the attending physician as part of the evaluation for appropriateness

Hospice: Who is eligible?

Hospice provides care to persons of all ages who are at end-stages of their disease and have a life expectancy of around 6 months. The care provided focuses on providing physical, emotional and spiritual comfort; hospice does not provide life-prolonging treatments.

Available services include: nursing, home health aides, physicians, social services, chaplains, dietary counseling, physical, occupational and speech therapies and volunteers. Ross Health Care’s hospice maintains a full staff of highly trained and certified professionals to ensure your needs are met immediately and in the proper fashion.

Also covered under hospice service are medications, medical equipment and medical supplies that are related to the hospice diagnosis and are needed for comfort. Bereavement care is provided to family members for 13 months after the loss of their loved one.

Because it is often difficult to determine when a patient is at end stages, a free patient evaluation to determine appropriateness of hospice care is offered to anyone who is considering hospice as an option. A physician must give approval before hospice services can begin but once that is accomplished, the patient may choose whichever hospice he or she prefers. The choice is entirely that of the patient.

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