Who can help me learn about community resources and how to access them?

By Juli Pack

Ross Health Care has created the position of Community Resource Coordinator to assist people within our community by providing education
and assistance on what programs may be available to them. This service is free and available to anyone.
There are many assistance programs available. All it takes to start is a phone call to our Community Resource Coordinator, and she will schedule an appointment to conduct a needs assessment that will help to identify individual needs. The assessment also assists in determining which programs may be appropriate based on those needs.
The Community Resource Coordinator has an extensive background in serving as an advocate in finding resources for people in need. She has
established a reliable network of resources and agencies to ensure that all avenues are explored. Some examples of assistance that may be available are: prescription assistance, housing, transportation, Medicaid eligibility or issues, Medicare questions and enrollment, Social Security questions, nursing home placement, information and education on hospice, home health and more.
Call Juli Pack at (580) 213-3333 to schedule an appointment to learn what the resources are available to you.