The World of NOVA for Enid

By Jennifer Berkenbile

One requirement for every hospice is that they have a volunteer program. It is mandatory that 513f our patient care comes from volunteers. At Ross Health Care we have a wonderful program with dedicated volunteers. A great thing about our program is you can be as young as 12 to become a volunteer. Being able to start at a young age lays a foundation for volunteerism and helps children learn valuable experience that they can use to gain future employment.
While thinking of ways to recruit more volunteers I came up with an idea to get all volunteer coordinators, not just those working for hospice, in Enid and Northwest Oklahoma together to brainstorm and trade ideas. I mentioned this idea to Molly Babb of Leonardo’s and before too long NOVA was born. NOVA—Northwest Oklahoma Volunteer Association—”Reaching lives for a better community.” At NOVA we network and resource to provide opportunity and placement for volunteering in Enid and Northwest Oklahoma. We are in the process of building our website and currently meet once a month to discuss ideas and ways that we can educate people on volunteer issues.
If you would like to join NOVA or would like further information please contact Jennifer Berkenbile at (580) 213-3333 or (580) 541-1015.