Who pays for Hospice Services?

By Angela Tarrant

Hospice services include an interdisciplinary group of individuals, physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, volunteers and home health aides, who provide services for those facing a terminal illness.

At Ross Health Care Hospice we are frequently asked “How much will these services cost?” Hospice services are paid for by private insurance companies, the Oklahoma Advantage program or by Medicare.

If someone does not have any insurance or other payer source what happens? Ross Health Care are still provides its services, free of charge,to the patient. No person will be denied hospice services due to an inability to pay.

We are also asked “What does hospice provide?” The Medicare hospice benefit provides all services, supplies, equipment, and medications needed to keep a patient comfortable in regard to their life-limiting illness. We focus on providing pain management and symptom control for the patient and support for the family through this most difficult time. Hospice also provides bereavement support for family members following the death of their loved one. Ross Health Care Hospice is able to provide services at home, whether a patient’s home is in the community, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. For additional information, please call our Help Center at 580.213.3333.