Getting through the holidays after losing a loved one

By Angela Tarrant

The holidays can be tough when you’ve lost someone you love. Memories of holidays spent together come to mind, making us miss our loved one even more. While nothing will remove that sadness, there are steps you can take to make things easier.
First of all, be patient with yourself. Most of the expectations placed upon us are are placed there by ourselves. Try to prioritize and decide what is really important and what isn’t.
Secondly, plan ahead. Make lists so you can see progress as you mark things off.

Next, understand your limitations. It’s okay to decline an invitation; you do not have to accept every invitation you receive. Do what you have the energy for and let the rest go.
Some “old’ traditions may need to be adjusted so that they can fit into your life but you don’t have to stop a tradition altogether. Remember that it’s okay to cry and to feel grief. However, try to find things that make you happy and to remember the meaning of the holiday season.

If you would like to visit with someone regarding your grief, Ross Health Care’s Bereavement Coordinator and Chaplain, Steven Meier, can be reached at 580.213.3333.