What is Telehealth?

By Angela Tarrant

Telehealth is a series of state-of-the-art technologies that enhance life for those living at home. Telehealth can be an automatic medication dispensing system, vital reading monitoring and/or personal emergency response system. These comprehensive monitoring services are available at Ross Health Care.
One of Telehealth’s components is Med-Time® which assists individuals with organizing, reminding and dispensing medications at the right time. Once set up, this system assures that a patient receives the right medicine at the right time in the right dosage.
Another component is Health Buddy® which offers great convenience to the patient and doctor. Health Buddy allows physician access to an individual’s vital readings, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate. Authorized health professionals are able to access the information from their computer to obtain up-to-date health data making it unnecessary for the patient come into the office.
For extra safty, Telehealth can include PERS® , a personal emergency response system that allows individuals to obtain assistance at the push of a button. Patients experience a sense of security knowing they can reach someone instantly whether they have a medical emergency or an unwelcome guest in the middle of the night.
These three systems, combined in Telehealth, allow a patient to remain in their own home with more independence and security for a longer period of time. For additional information, please call Val Ross at 580.213.3333.