Ross Health Care was a godsend....

“Ross Health Care was a godsend to us in a time when we needed friends.  This year I lost my wife of nearly 52 years. Losing a spouse is hard, we all know that. But what I didn’t know was how much kindness and comfort our family would receive from the hospice specialists at Ross Health Care. Having them there to support us was worth more than I can tell you. And they were there every time we needed them, exactly when we needed them."

Gene Crumrine

I don't know how I would manage....

“I don’t know how I would manage without Ross Health Care.  I have a daughter, Cayla, who is 11 years old but unlike other girls her age, Cayla is on hospice. Throughout this journey we’ve learned that hospice is about living and that Ross Health Care is there when we need them…and they’re always there… when we need them.“

Rick Thomas

What a blessing you were....

“What a blessing you were for our family when we needed hospice.  I am so grateful for the dedication and compassionate care you gave my mother during her illness.

The hospice care she received was so important and comforting to all of us.”

Cindy Glasgow

Ross Health Care met our needs....

“Ross Health Care met our needs with all the equipment we needed as well as supplies for my husband’s personal care.  Ross Health Care gave my husband, Dick, the opportunity to remain at home and I could not have done it alone.

The hospice personnel were available 24 hours a day to help with any needs or questions, and for any emergency as it arose. I know there are wonderful facilities in our community to care for debilitated people but what a blessing to make it possible for Dick to be at home in his own environment, close to his family, friends and with his beloved dog, ‘Rascal’ up on his bed with him.”

Elaine Neill Davis